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"My company was creating a first in class customer experience team. We hired The WorkForce Pro and were so pleased with the results. Ty and her team helped created all process flows, workforce management, training materials, provided customer experience back up help and more. The WorkForce Pro team headed by Ty was incredible. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend The WorkForce Pro!"

- Gail Burr

Our Client is a leader in the beauty industry, creating cruelty free products sans any harmful ingredients. The company was established in 2014 in the Pacific Northwest and the brand has taken off! Their Customer base has continued to grow and so has their product line. To attract top talent, the company relocated to the Greater Los Angeles Area. They developed relationships with some of the best temp agencies in the area to start attracting talent to build their Customer Experience team.

Prior to The Workforce Pro’s engagement, the client had fragmented systems, all of which were great tools, but they did not work well together. Temp agencies were providing talent, but there the training process was inconsistent and employees were learning multiple solutions to the same problems, making quality assurance a challenge. There was no Manager in place and employees were craving feedback on their performance and career development. There was no plan in place to determine when to hire, and the hiring criteria lacked consistency. Customer wait times exceeded 10 days, and the workflows did not allow clean line of site for ownership in resolving Customer issues.

Our goals in partnering were as follows:

  • Identify the best characteristics and personality traits for hires.

  • Improve employee onboarding experience.

  • Introduce workforce planning (forecast workload and staffing needs) and improve workflows.

  • Provide current employees with performance feedback.

  • Hire long term leader for day to day operations.

  • Reduce Customer wait times.


By the end of our engagement, our Client had two locations: East and West Coast supporting hours of operation expansion. They leveraged Staff Augmentation offerings from The Workforce Pro and along with receiving e-Learning training materials and an internal Knowledgebase for their team, reduced Customer wait times significantly. A new Sr. Manager was in place and thy were no longer using 4 systems to communicate with Customers, they were using 2 systems.

  • Employee training brought employees online and to productivity within 2 days (total training was 1 week).

  • Customer wait time reduced by 98%.

  • Agent productivity increased over 60% with multi chat handling capabilities.

  • New CRM configured (including workflows) and deployed within 2 weeks.  |  310-844-1172

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