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E-Commerce | Consumer Goods


E-Commerce | Consumer Goods

"My company was creating a first in class customer experience team. We hired The WorkForce Pro and were so pleased with the results. Ty and her team helped created all process flows, workforce management, training materials, provided customer experience back up help and more. The WorkForce Pro team headed by Ty was incredible. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend The WorkForce Pro!"


  • Employee training brought employees online and to productivity within 2 days (total training was 1 week).

  • Customer wait time reduced by 98%.

  • Agent productivity increased over 60% with multi chat handling capabilities.

  • New CRM configured (including workflows) and deployed within 2 weeks.

"Contact center expertise that you can trust! The Workforce Pro team understands what needs to be done to deliver a great experience to our customers. They are my trusted advisers."


  • Less than 1 ticket submitted for every total Help Desk articles viewed. This means that the articles are working in deflection. With over 240 views, we’ve received less than 5 tickets per month.

  • Increased CSAT 70% by taking Customer expectations and relaying them to the client for improvement according to Customer feedback.  |  310-844-1172

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