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"Contact center expertise that you can trust! The Workforce Pro team understands what needs to be done to deliver a great experience to our customers. They are my trusted advisers."

- John Wong

Our client is a new to market E-Commerce Brand who sells comfortable, high quality mens underwear for active men. This brand was founded and  launched by three best friends looking to offer underwear that creates comfort throughout the long busy day. The founding team contains a customer experience expert, focused on Six Sigma and lean operations who clearly saw value in building ideal tools and resources to support their Customer from the very start. Enter, The Workforce Pro.


The Workforce Pro started working with this business before their website was launched (November 2017), which is ideal to create the best possible Customer Experience. Using our knowledge of Customer expectations and Risk Management, we helped to setup practices that have deflected hundreds of Customer inquiries to date, reducing overhead and saving time.


Our Client’s goal was to create a hassle-free, Customer centric environment with fast response times, two-way Customer engagement and provide proactive communication and resources via useful tools like a branded Help Desk.

To kick things off, we identified the best fit CRM for their business (Freshdesk) and configured this system from the ground up, including pre-written response, workflows and system integrations. We built their Help Desk and viewing through the Customer lens, created a searchable FAQ section to allow Customer to search their own answers. The website is complete with a chatbot that suggests responses to questions submitted by the Customer before going to a live agent. The live agent is a member of the Workforce Pro team, servicing the Client’s customer seamlessly.


We introduced a Customer Satisfaction Survey and helped to move the dial on ratings based on feedback provided by Customers.



  • Less than 1 ticket submitted for every total Help Desk articles viewed. This means that the articles are working in deflection. With over 240 views, we’ve received less than 5 tickets per month.

  • Increased CSAT 70% by taking Customer expectations and relaying them to the client for improvement according to Customer feedback.  |  310-844-1172

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