• Ty Givens, The Workforce Pro

How do you measure success?

Is it by the amount of money you make in your sleep? Or by working crazy over time? Is it by the way people perceive you? Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn likes or mentions? Or possibly the reviews for your business, or product, or the number of calls or emails you get from people interested in your services.

Making Money and Time Spent Working

If I rated my success on the amount of money I make, or hours worked, the two have no relationship. I work for my clients during business hours and for myself after that. I used to love weekends (when I could tell which day of the week it was) and now I dread them. Monday has become my new favorite day of the week because on that day, I know I should be giving 100% to the work. Whereas on the weekends. I know there are things I need to do, but I also know I need a break. It’s a real dilemma. I have no clue how much I work, or don’t work, so for me, success isn’t based on money or time.

Social Media Likes, Shares or Mentions

If I rated my success on any of those factors, I’d be a failure. My posts get no more than 5 likes and 100% of the time three of them are from my mom, my friend Helen, my classmate and my cousin (Thanks, y’all!) Not a single client likes or engages with my content, and that’s okay, because for me, likes don’t equate to success.


If I rated my success on the number of reviews I received for the work done, you guessed it. Fail. My company has less than 10 ratings on any one site, and on others none at all. Our phone is fairly quiet (based on time of year) with calls for new business, and the current state of the world has much to do with this as well, I’m sure. So for my business, the number of reviews does not mean much either.

Quality over Quantity

Never once, have I heard someone say “You have 5 star reviews, I want to work with you.”, or “I read the article where you were quoted in Forbes, I want to work with you”, or “I loved your amateur social media posts…” (I do them myself, don’t judge me…), ”I want to work with you.”…

But what they do say is, “Remember when we worked together at Intuit? I started my own company and I need help with my customer experience team…” Or “I learned about you from [insert person’s name here], and they had a great experience, I was wondering if you could help me…”

Last year, when I wrote my reflections, I talked about purging. I got rid of a lot of things to make and hold space for what was to come. Manifestation is real. My life is so full, and I’m so grateful.


So when I reflect here’s what I see and why I’m proud of the seeds being planted.

  • This year, we went from two websites to four. So essentially, we’ve tripled our online presence, and are that much closer to making two times the connections with people who value what we do. (The Workforce Pro | CX Actually | Ty Givens | Powerhouse CX)

  • Our presence in the media more than doubled from 2019 to 2020.

  • In 2019, 44% of our clients had repeat projects; in 2020, 67% of our clients had repeat projects.

  • Our team grows with the workload, and in 2020, we had our first two employees, as we’ve previously relied more on contractors.

  • Our clients reported being able to do 50% more with the same staff, based on our practices.

  • We shortened customer wait times from two days to 2 hours (record is 10 days to 4 hours in 2019).

We didn’t win them all.

  • We weren’t able to work with quite a few companies for many different reasons, but we learned from those as well, and

  • We created more diverse offerings to help companies who are both bootstrapped and funded, and also

  • After conducting countless interviews for our clients, and seeking needles in the haystack, we created CX Actually to provide a safe space for learning for CX leaders.

Success (for me) Is….

So how do I measure success? In tries. Because there are no fails, just lessons… On the things I get done, not on the things I know how to do, because that doesn’t matter. On the relationships I’ve built and the integrity of my company and personal brand, because that’s ultimately who I am.

My success is driven by true, deep, honest and rich relationships. The more people I can connect with and help, the better.

If I can offer any advice to anyone who needs it: listen to yourself. Listen to your instincts, they will not steer you wrong. Don’t take advice from anyone who is not in a position you want to be in, and that includes me. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Next year is going to be about knowledge share and transfer. I want to help others get to where they want to be, this includes my clients, and mentees through CX Actually.

It’s so easy to focus on the bad in 2020. There’s a lot of it. But if you’re reading this, that means you’re okay, and I’m glad you’re here.

Thank you 2020 for opening my eyes! Let’s go 2021!