• Ty Givens, The Workforce Pro

When I wrap up with my Clients, they don’t need me anymore and I think that’s a good thing

If you’re in business for you probably spend most of your time trying to acquire new clients, and the struggle is real. I’ve acquired most of my clients by word of mouth or net promoter. This works well because the referral is coming from a trusted resource, so proving why and how I can help isn’t really isn’t necessary.

I love referrals (don’t get me wrong). But I also want to work with people I haven’t met yet, to add value to their organizations as well. Stepping out has been an interesting challenge. I’ve learned people don’t quite know how to categorize me. Most commonly, I’m asked if I’m a Consultant. The short answer is no.

Sometimes, I think the term Consultant gets a bad rep. I recall working with Consultants in the past. They come in, assess your work, find the gaps and give you a few decks on what needs to be done. After they charge you a small fortune, they leave. Because that’s how I envision Consulting, I’ve always had a hard time with being called one. I don’t think that’s an accurate description of what I do.

I prefer to dig in and get my hands dirty too. I don’t see anything wrong with being the one to deliver the results found in the gap analysis. I’m more of a Business Partner.

What it’s like to work with me and my team

For me, it’s more important to reach the objectives I’ve set with my client. If my client wants to retain services for future projects, that’s amazing. But, I actually think it’s a great thing that my Clients no longer need me (for the same thing) after I’ve done what I set out to do for them.

I work with early stage startups and companies looking to update their Customer experience. I help them establish processes and workflows that will work for them as they scale. I even go so far as to help them place the right talent to oversee the team long term. (Yes, I put myself out of a job. It’s true.)

I really just want to help. I’m especially honored when I’m asked back by Clients to work on new projects, but it’s super critical to me to resolve all of the commitments we made for our time together initially.

When I work with Clients, I help them fill in the gaps on functional areas they’re missing. I don’t do this alone, I do this with my team. We offer Workforce Management, Learning & Development, Support (white label customer service or strategy) and Quality Assurance through our partners.

Finding the gaps and filling them in

We will fill in to help you deliver best in class Customer Experiences. We do this through a shared resource model, where you only pay for results (and we don’t charge for time). It’s pretty unique. It’s actually made me question why other outsourcers charge so much.

In southern California, Workforce Management roles are really challenging to fill and they’re expensive. I remember posting for this role at two different companies. In both instances, the roles were open for nearly 6 months and the candidates were all in the six-figure range. What was even more interesting, is the candidates did not have experience with WFM without a tool. My team and I can do WFM manually or with a tool. Our clients can even leverage our systems at no additional charge.

Finding a Learning & Development person has also proven difficult. At one startup, I posted a role for a trainer. It remained open for 3 months. We found ONE qualified candidate, and she didn’t accept our offer. It’s not that an internal person couldn’t be trained, it’s just when your company is scaling at a rapid pace, you need someone who can get your team trained, quickly and verify that the learnings have been retained.

Quality Assurance is most times handled in house, but monitoring people you know personally makes it difficult to be objective. I once held a calibration session. There were 4 of us. We listened to the same call and rated it. The employee was monotone and lackluster. A friend of his was part of the calibration. The friend said “that’s just their personality”, and rated it a perfect call. Customer service is your brand. There’s no room for personal opinion, just the brand voice. Objective QA delivers that for you.

I decided that no other company should have to go through these things, and I’ve put together offerings that solve all of these issues and deliver a 60% ROI.

If we work together, know that it is my goal to deliver what we’ve agreed upon. If you need maintenance, we offer really inexpensive packages and fast turnarounds. My goal with a Client and help you get to steady state. When you do, it’s the saddest break up. We will love working together, but once you have what you need, it may be time to move on. But if you want to get going on the next project, let’s do it! To set up an intro call, click here.