• Ty Givens

Why does mobility in and out the Customer Experience Department feel like a myth?

It may feel like you can check in, but you can't check out...

New to the Workplace

Roles supporting Customers are often entry level jobs, and in many cases, Leadership assumes the role of teacher, mentor, developer and sometimes parent. Many are new to the workforce and must learn to operate as adults in the workplace (and they don’t think they need this lesson). Adulting in the work place includes small things like: self-awareness, including time utilization and how one is presented in the workplace. I say this to anyone who will listen: you’re interviewing for your next job NOW.

Size Matters

Customer Experience may be the largest department in the company, and sometimes the wages are lower than other roles in comparison. This is a huge contradiction. CEOs love to talk about how the Customer matters the most, but they pay the least to the people who talk to the Customer. I find that a little strange. This also creates the perception that the work is low skill and replacements come easy. I assure you, neither is true.

The Reality

Keeping people in Customer Experience is one of the most challenging responsibilities of any leader or recruiter. To get people in the door, they’re promised mobility. This happens sometimes, but far less than you think. If you’re working in a hypergrowth startup (which seems the likely place to grow), you’re far less likely to become the next head of Product. I know it’s tough to hear, but here’s why: the company is GROWING and quickly, so the expertise is required right away. It’s not a true learning environment. In fact, It can’t be.

Does this mean mobility is dead?

Not at all. I personally love startups. If I were looking to grow my career and I planned to use CX as an entry point, I would do so in a startup that shows promise but is not hypergrowth. Hypergrowth startups are not the place to start your career in CX. They truly need CX people who will give them at least a year. Other roles within the company require experience, so they’re filled from outside. This can be frustrating for entry level people. After all, why join a startup if not for the opportunity to wear different hats?

If you’re looking to grow, don’t go hypergrowth, but do go to a startup. There are more chances to wear different hats, and more opportunities to showcase your skill in a startup that shows promise. One day you’ll wake up and may be heading Product based on merit alone.

Ty Givens is the founder and CEO of The WorkForce Pro, the leader in contact center success solutions. Her strategic guidance played an integral part in the global success of Thrive Market and ShoeDazzle. Given’s is known for her ability to save client’s millions in revenue, improve call answer rates by over 40% and increase productivity by over 30%. She is a trusted advisor to many high profile clients within the e-commerce, healthcare and retail space making her one of the most sought-after strategists for contact centers. 


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