• Ty Givens, The Workforce Pro

Here’s why I’ll never sell you anything

I hate to be sold to. I absolutely hate it.

I believe in the Golden rule and I’ll treat you how I ant to be treated. I’ll never be able to sell you anything because I’m not a salesperson. What I am is a service person. I want to help others and there’s a HUGE difference.

I just wrapped up a call with a vendor attempting to sell me advertising. I will not say who (because that would be rude), but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this experience.

When I launched my business, I foolishly paid for advertising with this vendor and thought that my budget wouldn’t be exceeded, since I’d set it… I was wrong. I was out of nearly three times as much as the agreed upon monthly limit and there was no return on my investment.

Fast forward a few years and I somehow pop back up on their radar. To save the caller as much time as possible, I’m transparent: “I will not advertise on your platform. It’s not right for me”. That quickly shifted into a pitch to get me to pay $60 a month for a button on my page.

I believe I said “no thanks” a half dozen times and there was a rebuttal for EVERYTHING.

Obviously this person was persistent, and could be everything some folks want in a sales person for their organization… but it was an awful experience for me. She just wouldn’t listen.

Here’s my promise to any of my Clients, friends, peers, co-workers, etc. I will always listen to you. If you say no, we can leave it at that. I will never try to force your hand, or convince you of anything. Know that if we ever work together, it’s because I’m sure I can add value to you and your business. If I couldn’t, I would tell you so and maybe introduce you to, or recommend someone who can.

I just had to get that off my chest.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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