All projects are done under The Workforce Pro umbrella as  a team. We know it takes more than one Customer Service Manager to build CX for scale. Most projects being with our Powerhouse Workflows engagement and quickly evolves into a full on Powerhouse CX program implementation. Below, find project summaries for each of our offerings to see how we can set you up for scale too.


We were tapped to help a global B2B SaaS company identify gaps in their customer experience operations. The team was structured oddly before with both the support team reporting into Account Management with no clear criteria on when to collaborate or escalate. They were using a ticketing system that was not going to scale with them as they tripled in size over the next 3 years. We interviewed members from Account Management, Support, Implementations, Products and Solutions Consultants to identify where breakdowns in communications existed. Next, we put together a roadmap to show when and how to execute the recommendations. Then we showed the difference in functionality between their current CRM/Ticketing system and another we knew would scale with them as they grew. After presenting the changes to the company at large, including their CEO, we were asked to implement all changes from the Workflows Engagement. We will enter phase 3 in January 2021.

Total Project time: 6 months


We were contacted by a client who was using a ticketing system for engaging with customers via email and phones. The phone system proved to be unreliable and they weren't able to clearly make sense of their actual ticket inventory. They'd already had a ticketing system in mind. We set up the new ticketing system (complete implementation, including testing). We completed the migration (moved contents from one system to the other), updated their workflows and trained their employees. We hung around post set up for two weeks via Slack in case their were any changes, questions or concerns.


With the new set up, the client was able to see they had more like 20 tickets awaiting response at any given time, not 300. With reporting, they were also able to see that employees weren't actually as productive as previously thought. However, they were equipped with knowledge and the change management process started immediately. We are in Phase 2 now, launching live chat in December 2020.

Total Project time: 6 weeks


A well known clean beauty brand was going through a maturation. This included the current customer service manager moving on, and a team in need of structure, process and technology. Originally, they were looking for a manager to run the team. After numerous interviews, they were unlucky in finding the combination of skill, personality and experience needed to deliver the results they wanted.

Because we come as a team, we're able to deliver for them what one Customer Service Manager would not have capacity to do. First, we took care of the people: conducted feedback interviews and begin setting up quick wins for them (example, process for requesting time off, submitting escalations and schedules). Next, we introduced a new workflow for their current ticketing system to shorten response times. With the new workflow, wait time was reduced from 10 days to 4 hours.

Then we started the search for a new leaders, while simultaneously preparing to migrate to a new ticketing system. Once we found the right leader to take over, we moved forward with transitioning to the project to give her the best opportunity to grow the team. We interviewed and selected an onshore outsourcing partner to take on their transactional support, to free up the home office for product experts. 

This client is now operating from two locations, and since our time ended has retained 90% of their employees within CX. 

Total Project Time: 7 months


The pandemic shifted our client from a distributor to an e-commerce brand in a matter of moments. The entire CX team was made up of 1 person. As the support needs shifted, they became creative with leveraging other members of the company to handle customer engagement. After working together with them to set up their team for scale, the CEO decided to promote their only CX person to a Manager position.

Though the project lasted a total of 5 months, we spent 6 weeks working with, developing and coaching the new manager on the changes within her role. We taught her how to structure her day, how to give feedback, conduct 1:1s, as well as schedule and facilitate team meetings. 

Because the team was growing at a rapid rate, we placed a Sr. Manager over the Manager to continue developing her. The company is continuing to exceed goals and expectations, and with their full team now of 6, they're continuing to deliver amazing customer experiences.