Retain Ty Givens, founder of The Workforce Pro

Each week meet with Ty Givens for 1 , 2 or 3 hours per week. This time is uninterrupted and dedicated to your and your team directly.  Get access to nearly two decades of experience in Customer Support and Customer Experience expertise. This includes the ins and outs of launching your contact center, deciding on support strategy and choosing the right people and the best tools to really deliver for your customers.

How does it work?

  • You will have access to a personalized calendar link, where you can setup time with Ty directly. When your time is scheduled, you'll be asked for details around the topic(s) to be covered.

  • Prior to meeting, Ty will conduct any research necessary to provide solutions to your challenges.

  • During the meeting, there are bound to be action items. Depending on your level of engagement, Ty will commit to up to 3 hours per week of follow-up work to deliver your desired results.

  • All action items are delivered before your next meeting, unless otherwise stated.

  • Outside of scheduled meetings, you will have unlimited access to Ty via email. You can expect a 1 to 3 day turnaround based on your need/request.

Some of the discussions for current clients include:

  • What’s the best CRM for my business type, why?

  • Which phone system should I be using if I’m on Freshdesk, Zendesk, etc.?

  • Should we be servicing customers using SMS?

  • How should I setup my Help Center?

  • What should my SLA (service level agreement) be? I’m B2B, should I be charging a premium to respond faster?

  • How do I know how many people to hire?

  • Where should I setup my customer service team?

Some of the action items that come out of our discussions:

  • Can you help me write a job description to attract the best candidate?

  • Can you design a report for me that will tell me (decision making criteria)?

  • Can you map out a Zendesk configuration that shows me how to achieve (desired result)?  |  310-844-1172

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