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Returning Clients, Welcome Back!
Ty is glad you're back and she can't wait to continue your work together.
Choose the option that best describes you.
Guidance Series Options Available for you
Guidance series are designed for companies that are operating on Seed Money or on the cusp of raising their series A. With this offering, Ty becomes your Customer Experience guru and will provide insights on how to build your Customer Experience Team to support the growth you're expecting.
If you're interested in booking 2, 4 or 8 hours of Guidance per week with Ty, please click here to get your time scheduled. These engagements require a 4 week commitment, include unlimited email during your engagement and will be billed automatically on a weekly basis.
  • Priority over ad hoc Guidance sessions
  • Virtual meetings for 2, 4 or 8 hours per week
  • Unlimited email correspondence in between
  • Personalized link to Ty's calendar for access when you need her

Ty transformed a popular ecommerce brands customer experience in a matter of weeks! She quickly assessed the situation and prepared our team to render results immediately. I was part of the team that brought a 10 day response time down to real time under her guidance. She has a real command on Customer Experience Operations. Our training materials enabled us to get up to speed fast. In some cases, we would begin working to support out Clients in the same day!

-Madison G.