Service Offerings

Ty is available for Consulting Engagements and she offers three levels of involvement to help you solve challenging problems with your Customer Experience or Performance Challenges.

Level1: Guidance

(see Mentorship and One on One Consultations)

Guidance sessions are available by phone only and for as little as 30 minutes. At the time of booking, you will be asked to provide details on your challenge and any supporting documentation. Ty will review your concern and the provided information prior to your call. Once you connect by phone, the time is spent on providing your solution, with the final 10 minutes being saved for Q&A. At the end of your time together, Ty will follow up with her recommendation in writing.

Level 2: Partnership

(see Strategic Advisor Partnership)

Partnership sessions are available by phone or video meeting. Most mentorships and one on one coachings are considered partnerships. These engagements require at least a one month commitment. You will have weekly sessions with Ty (approximately 4) for minimum up to 2 hours each week. Outside of this time, you may send unlimited emails. Ty provides more than Consultation with this engagement, she actually works along side you to move to solution quickly.

Level 3: Execution

(see Staff Augmentation)

Execution may include up to 2 days on site (additional fees may apply) and are most common with Staff Augmentation Engagements. Ty can become your interim head of Customer Experience, or she can work along side your functional leader to move the department to operational excellence fast. If you need to have your Contact Center established, or improved this is ideal for you. These engagements usually come with a 3 month minimum, and includes unlimited email and calendar access when Ty is offsite.

Mentorship and One on One Consultations

Ty will help develop your current head of Customer Experience and prepare them for the next level. If you have a capable head of CX in place, who hasn't had experience scaling a team, managing a budget, moving locations, conducting RFPs or RFIs, Ty can be their support. These engagements are most commonly Partnerships, but can move to Execution if there are objectives to be met in a timely manner.

Strategic Advisor Partnership

This offering is ideal for companies that are operating on seed money, or those about to raise their Series A funding round. These engagements are similar to Guidance sessions, and include a set number of hours per week with Ty to help lay your Customer Experience Strategy. Ty can also prepare your budget, location strategy, hiring plan, volume forecast and staffing needs.

Staff Augmentation

Ty has a team of talented Customer Experience persons that can help reduce your backlog in a matter of weeks. This team is trained to deliver white glove, high touch Customer Service and is already trained on some of the most commonly used CRMs: Zendesk, Freshdesk and Help Scout.

You do not pay for time, instead you pay for the solved Customer issue. At the end of this engagement, you will also be gifted with an e-Learning training that can be used for future hires, as well as an internal Help Desk that includes policies and procedures used for resolving Customer issues. We require a 3 month commitment for this service and we only handle email inquiries. No phone calls or live chat.

ty@theworkforcepro.com  |  310-844-1172

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