Founder and CEO of The Workforce Pro

I make customer service simple. I set you up with the right people, the right processes and the right technology,

You can focus on growth while I create, improve or scale your Customer Service team. Whether I build with you or for you, I move the dial on your Customer Experience KPIs in weeks, not months.

2000- 2013

Workforce Management

Office Depot, Home Depot, Intuit, Herbalife and Molina Healthcare

Established Workforce Management practices for many Fortune 500 companies. Predicted workload, staffing needs, handled all KPIs, reporting and analysis. Led a team of up to 10 Analysts and made all members of the Contact Center Workforce Management people!


Trusted Advisor

"Having Ty is like being in the movie, Nanny McPhee. Nanny McPhee is someone who comes to take care of some kids in a really disastrous home that has no rules and ends up completely changing their lives. In the end everyone is happy, but Nanny McPhee has to leave, making everyone very sad. This is how it feels to have Ty- she comes, she fixes everything, and then she leaves when the team is thriving."

-Chris Mitchell

What People Say

BS, Business 
CSU Dominguez Hills

May 2005

MBA, Org Leadership
National University

March 2013

Six Sigma Green Belt
Villanova University

March 2013


"Working alongside Ty is an absolute delight. She is the perfect partner - reliable, honest, and incredibly smart. Whenever we faced a challenge I knew that we were in it together and that she would have the experience, strategy, and calm to work through it and find the solution. Ty also has excellent communication and listening skills - I would frequently come to her with challenges I faced on my team, separate from her, and she always had thoughtful, helpful, and great advice to give me and make me a better leader."

- Christina Appleton

What People Say


Staff Augmentation

Mentorship and One on One Development

Strategic Advisor Relationships

"Ty is a breath of fresh air! Not only does her experience provide unique knowledge and skills that benefit companies and their consumers, she leads from a place of positivity and empowerment. Her bright energy is felt throughout entire teams and this creates good chemistry, strong culture, and increased productivity!"

-Stefani Beckerman

What People Say

We met Ty in early 2017 and were impressed not only with her resume but her personable and professional approach to customer service. We hired her for a high-level consultation and were thrilled with her insights. She provided a formidable analysis of our discussion including company pain points, possible solutions, and relevant KPI's to achieve more as a business. You won't find many with Ty’s combination of pedigree and humanity - and a unique scalable model to fit any business budget!

-Scott Madsen

What People Say


ty@theworkforcepro.com  |  310-844-1172

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