My blog is a mixture of my ideas and philosophies on building Customer Experience teams, These are my opinions, based on my experiences at The Workforce Pro or with various employers  (unless otherwise stated).

If my schedule allows, I'm happy to give you a free advice session (15 minutes) where you can pick my brain on all things related to CX teams: people, process and tech.

Ty Givens

All things CX

2000- 2013

Workforce Management

Office Depot, Home Depot, Intuit, Herbalife and Molina Healthcare

Established Workforce Management practices for many Fortune 500 companies. Predicted workload, staffing needs, handled all KPIs, reporting and analysis. Led a team of up to 10 Analysts and made all members of the Contact Center Workforce Management people!

2013 - 2018

Head of Operations, Customer Experience, Service and Support

ShoeDazzle, Tax Credit Co., See's Candies, Thrive Market, JOANY

Built or improved Customer Experience Departments for these amazing companies. Increased answer rates by 40%, saved millions of dollars and increased agent productivity by more than 30%.

2015 - 2016

Founder & CEO

The Workforce Pro

Partnered with various companies at different stages in their process to help them build, scale or improve their Customer Experience departments. Identified KPIs, setup reporting, upgraded hiring practices and employee profile and, reduced Customer wait time from weeks to hours.

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